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Scottish Infrared Saunas is a trading division of Elsco Heating Ltd. Supplying quality electric heating across Scotland  from Elgin & Glasgow     

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Far Infrared Saunas

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The health benefits of Far Infrared are understood by very few people. In fact we only became aware of them due to our involvement in Far Infrared heating where you can heat a room with a picture or a mirror on the wall More info here.

Far Infrared saunas look a bit  like traditional steam saunas but there is no  steam.  Perfectly safe, Far Infrared rays from the builtin heating units,  warm the body much deeper than traditional saunas, giving the multitude of  health benefits which you can see by clicking here

We  could not find anybody specialising in this field in Scotland, so after careful research we have partnered with one of the best and longest established  manufacturers in the world, Clearlight Saunas from America.

All you need is some  space  in the corner of a room and  a 13 amp socket and you can enjoy the health benefits this remarkable product can bring to you..  If you click on the video bottom right, the founder of Clearlight, Doctor Duncan, gives an insight into how they work.

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