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Scottish Infrared Saunas is a trading division of Elsco Heating Ltd. Supplying quality electric heating across Scotland  from Elgin & Glasgow     

The Science of Far Infrared Heating

The law of  thermodynamics say there are three ways heat can be transferred.

1) Conduction- Heat travelling from an area of high temperature to an area of low temperature within an object.

2 Convection - Heat circulation in an atmosphere of water or gas

3 Radiation- Electromagnetic transfer even within a vacuum.

The majority of heating systems rely on convection. A traditional sauna produces hot air and water vapour Far Infra red heaters  produce solely radiant heat, no steam required, using what is known as the Far Infrared part of the spectrum.The sun emits electromagnetic radiation across the whole of the spectrum shown on the chart below. Far Infrared heaters heat objects rather than air. Far Infrared Saunas use these type of heaters to warm deeper inside the body.

The skiers in the picture below are sunbathing on top of a snow covered mountain where the air temperature is well below zero. But they are warm and can even get a  suntan! This is due to the warming effects from the sun. The infrared part of the spectrum warms you up   The ultra violet part burns your skin, which is why suntan lotion is needed to filter out the ultra violet.

If you are out on a sunny Spring  day and a cloud passes in front of the sun you can suddenly feel a chill. The air temperature hasn't changed but you are no longer feeling the full effect of the Far Infrared heat from the sun.

Far Infrared saunas produce only that specific  part of the electromagnetic spectrum   Heaters are tuned to the optimum frequency to give the maximum in penetrating warmth to the body. No orange glows, no light from the heater whatsoever just the right sort of heat to warm you up, and open up your pores.

Far infrared saunas are effective at lower temperatures than traditional saunas so can be much more comfortable.