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Scottish Infrared Saunas is a trading division of Elsco Heating Ltd. Supplying quality electric heating across Scotland  from Elgin & Glasgow     

Why Clearlight Saunas?

We spent many hours researching the Far Infrared  sauna industry. We kept coming back to Clearlight as our preferred partner for many reasons.

History:- The company has a twenty year pedigree. Started 20 years ago by Dr Raleigh Duncan, who still owns the company. In that time many other companies have been and gone.

Heaters:- The company were innovators, developing new types of carbon heaters giving the best detoxifying infrared penetration that we are aware of in the market.

The cabin:- made from air dried  poplar or western red cedar, depending on type, these are superb quality, made with no toxic glues or chemicals. You dont want to breath in toxic fumes when the cabin heats up as can happen.

Lifetime Warranty:-  No other company as far as we know offers this and it demonstrates the ultimate confidence in the product.

Our Experience:-  We have been working with Clearlight for over two years now and find their  customer service exceptional. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these saunas to our customers. They are not the cheapest on the market, but we think the  quality of product means they represent exceptional value for money. The lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind over the lifetime of your sauna.

Finally:-  remember buying your sauna through us costs exactly the same as buying from Clealight direct.  Your payments will be direct to Clearlight to ensure you are registered for your guarantee. We can help you  liasing on delivery or any other issues, as we have direct lines of contact with key Clearlight personnel. We can also help with assembly if you dont want to do it yourself. We  are effectively your “local” contact. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.